Officine di Cartigliano: 60 years always looking to the future

Officine di Cartigliano: 60 years always looking to the future

“The future chases us”. A phrase that tells the Officine di Cartigliano’s 60 years, a Vicenza-based company founded in 1961 by Commendator Corner with its first partners: Giuliano Liotard, Luigi Turato and Antonio Bianchini. The company has always been at the forefront of technological solutions for the transition of leather from wet to dry. True inventors of the vacuum unit for leather treatment (in 1961), we met them at the last edition of Simac Tanning Tech at Fieramilano Rho (September 22-24, 2021), a perfect occasion to celebrate #Cartigliano60.

Cartigliano Museum

In the booth, the company set up a real “Cartigliano Museum”. An open space to celebrate the 60 years of Officine di Cartigliano, and to show its evolution. On display, one of the last vacuum machines designed by OdC, with a photo of its “progenitor”, a machine dated back to 1967 and still working. “We are celebrating 60 years which, for better or worse, have made us a world leader in our sector,” says President Antonio Polato, “but this is a goal we can never reach, because innovation is a continuous process. We must always renew ourselves”.

Added value

“We are almost a non-profit organisation,” says Polato, “We create innovation to serve the future. The basis is quality leather, but using physical and mechanical know-how, we design technologies to give leather added value. This is our mission”. Officine di Cartigliano likes to ‘talk with facts’, which is why it provides its customers with a laboratory where they can experiment and test machinery. “We have a testing room where customers can bring their own hides. Some people have called it Toyland”.

Technology and excellence

“We try to help tanners improve the appeal and quality of the hides, to bring them to their maximum yield,” Polato adds. “The important thing is to offer consistency. To allow the reproducibility of excellence”. Cartigliano uses 5% of its turnover annually for research and development. “We do it with passion. We love our work”.

Pictured right (from LinkedIn), from left: Paolo Balducci (Antiba), Rino Mastrotto (Rino Mastrotto Group), Antonio Polato, Fabrizio Nuti (Nuti Ivo Group) and Graziano Balducci (Antiba)

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