The UITIC conference is coming up soon. AMF (presenting a shoe model with no seams) and Deloitte to speak first

Flexibility, digital technologies, customization, and management of changing relations between brands and final consumers. All of these topics have a common denominator: Industry 4.0. On top of that, they will be discussed during the forthcoming edition (n.20, coming up soon) of UITIC conference, the international technical footwear congress scheduled in Porto, Portugal, from 16th to 18th May, 2018. After completing the collection of works that will be presented at the meeting (95 in total, carried out by a number of researchers coming from 19 countries), they announced the first speakers. Leandro de Melo, director of CTCP (one of the organizers of the event, together with APICCAPS), points out: “This congress is a fantastic opportunity for the footwear industry to show off their technology leadership”. Portuguese footwear manufacturer AMF (whose trademark is To Work For) – clear up from UITIC – “will present their new project, a shoe model with no seams”, thus reducing manufacturing stages. “Such new technology enables to make shoes by using traditional materials, such as leather, skipping many normal production stages though. AMF have developed a process based on one injection machine, in contrast to any other common manufacturing method”. The second speaker will be Deloitte’s Center for the Edge. “New technologies – point out the event organizers – and new methods are on the agenda. It is extremely important to understand first their potential application in the manufacturing processes, aiming to achieve better performances”. Deloitte will suggest a focus on methodology to “develop emerging business models”.


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