Dani and Institut Français de la Mode: 10 years in the name of leather

Dani and Institut Français de la Mode: 10 years in the name of leather

10 years in the name of leather. Dani, Veneto-based tanning group, celebrated at Spazio Lineapelle what is more than an anniversary. It presented its future training program in collaboration with IFM, Institut Français de la Mode, which has been running for ten years. A chance to showcase what has been achieved until now and what the future holds.

10 years in the name of leather

Best of Dani & IFM”, that was the name of the event part of the program of Lineapelle Designers Edition, which presented the “creations of students throughout the 10-year collaboration”. High-level prototypes made with “sustainable leather”, such as handbags, shoes, accessories, jackets. The workshops were promoted by the Institute and show the trust put into the students, as they feel the materials and experiment with them, while also working with actual companies”.

Journeys focused on “discovering how the material is developed, what their characteristics are and how to better work it to transform it into a finished product. Leather proves to be a natural material and a choice that can’t be renounced by the fashion system. Many students exhibiting have then become stylists for brands all over Europe. They are the proof of how schools and businesses can create synergies important to further growth and create chances for young individuals to get close to the industry”.

Leather ambassadors

“We welcomed IFM – explains Giancarlo Dani, CEO of the tanning group, present at the event with Leyla Neri (head of Master of Arts in Fashion Design at IFM, on the left in photo) – to show the results of 10 years of collaboration. Our wish is to get students close to leather. We provide many types to them, so that they can experiment and be creative. This way, they become ambassadors of the material we make and in which we continue to trust”.

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