Micam50, between innovations and footwear culture: Siro Badon speaks out

Siro Badon parla di Micam

Italian footwear is gearing up for September fairs and exhibitions, while placing peculiar expectations. Alongside quite a number of changes. Focus on Micam next edition, scheduled at Fieramilano Rho, on September 15-19. It is going to be a meaningful event for the “records”, since the fair is turning 50 years old. Many players are waiting for this appointment, as instability is steadily affecting the market. Aiming to find out what is going to happen at Micam next edition, we arranged an interview with Siro Badon, newly appointed president of Assocalzaturifici.

Waiting for Micam next edition, what situation and which expectations is Italian footwear dealing with?
Micam is a great opportunity companies may grab not only to do business, but also to show their ability to shape up and foster new tips in the industry. That is why we consider next edition, on which we are going to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the fair event, an ideal chance to tell about such creative liveliness and the ability to make innovation, which is a distinguishing feature of this industry. Such opportunity proves to be even more important to companies, considering a few difficulties the market is currently going through. Last year, the fair business trend was not that positive, with regard to domestic market and exports as well. Yet, despite a rather complicated context, companies still want to make innovation, while playing with energy and presenting new, interesting products. Micam is going to spotlight all that.

The Players District will be a fair innovation: what is its role in the ongoing scenario?
The outdoor footwear and training shoes sector, which may rely on a well-established identity, targets a wider and wider range of buyers. Companies, actively playing in the industry, are investing in technology and style research: consequently, they deserve a reserved stage. At Micam, we keep promoting innovations and creativity, as usual. The Players District aims to become much more than a subject area. It will be a “world” telling about outdoor and sport footwear several nuances. The playground will also encompass a demo area, The Arena, where visitors may discover the performance standards of such products, which people wear during exciting exhibitions.

Shall we expect any other innovations at Micam next edition?
We will spotlight young fashion designers, whose creativity is essential to build up the future of the business sector. That is why we are going to host the MittelModa fashion show, which will celebrate the finalists of an international contest, joined by all European fashion schools. On the one hand, young talented designers will take advantage of some exposure; on the other hand, the event will be a valuable opportunity to highlight the importance of educational training and the enhancement of new generations in our industry.

Where is Micam planning to head for in order to provide exhibitors (and footwear industry in general) with the best service and the best support?
We will keep striving hard to give the best possible exposure to participating companies. Furthermore, we will do our best to create business opportunities, therefore attracting buyers coming from all over the world, and emphasize, during the exhibition days, each sector peculiarities. In other words, at Micam we aim to create a footwear culture and knowledge, to show the footwear industry multiple facets: economic, stylistic, technological and researching. All of our projects go hand in hand with such attitude of mind. On top of that, we have also implemented an additional service to fight counterfeiting, in cooperation with a few lawyers: during Micam, companies will be able to contact them through a reserved desk. The aim of the project, in support of businesses, is to safeguard creativity and investments, in research and development, carried out by the industry players.

Which foreign projects are on the agenda in the months to come?
Once again, we are going to schedule a full agenda of foreign meetings and appointments, as we used to do over the past years. We are going to travel across Europe, Russia, Ukraine and China, aiming to create a connection between Italian companies and international buyers, especially in the markets most keen on made in Italy products quality. In general, we hope that Italian institutions, close to manufacturing business area, will support us more and more. In doing so, we will succeed in developing together more opportunities for Italian enterprises, which rely on tradition, but also look at innovation.

In the picture (by Assocalzaturifici), President Siro Badon


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