Keep an eye on French leather goods: production goes up, new hires increase and it continues to increase the number of training programs. Here are the latest ones

The French leather goods’ chain, strengthened by constantly increasing orders and demand, continues to stimulate the creation of professional training programs and jobs. CFA du Pays de Montbéliard, for example, is working on opening a “new and big school” for future leather goods’ craftsmen. “Lizaine’s laboratories”, should be the name of the future institute, according to what revealed by France 3’s portal, which explains how this entity should become the reference point for all of France, with regards to training programs for the segment. As a whole, the school will make 180 future employees graduate every year, 70 of which will be specialized for the footwear segment. All graduates will also be trained via a number of courses held in collaboration with Huisselets’ professional high school. France’s luxury entities have been active for a long time in this field, with the goal of facing the necessity for new specialized labor. A few weeks ago, SIS group, contractor of certain luxury brands, announced its intention to hire between 120 and 150 new employees every year till 2021. Hermès was the first to communicate its need for 250 workers, which is the same number that Tolomei, group active in the manufacturing process of luxury leather goods and owner of 8 production sites, needs. The latter has in fact announced it is “looking for new employees, no experience required”. According to what reported by online portal, the business wants to integrate Atelier 72’s organic (located in Sarthe, where 400 employees are currently working), with “hundreds of new workers” that will be internally trained. The new hires will be trained for 400 hours and will then sign a 1-year contracts that can become permanent. Tomei has been the owner of historic French leather goods business Le Tanneur.

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