At Moscow Obuv prior uncertainty proves to be well-founded: “We hoped we could do something more, but it was not really possible”

Obuv has come to an end as well. The footwear fair, based in Moscow, is about to close its stands today, after confirming uncertainty prior to the event. Even Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who turned up at the exhibition yesterday in the morning, did not manage to cheer up Italian exhibitors. After kicking off rather slowly, on Monday, Obuv went slightly better over the following days, not “successfully” enough though, remark exhibitors. “Clients have been declining in number, they did not feel like buying that much and were looking for cheap products. I have to say again what we have already pointed out, several times, while commenting other events, but that’s the way things are unfortunately”, emphasizes Andrea Brotini (Pakerson), vice-president of Assocalzaturifici. Likewise, Arturo Venanzi, vice-coordinator of Laboratorio Russia and CSI of Assocalzaturifici: “Obuv confirmed our expectations, which were not optimistic at all. The number of participating buyers, who showed up at the fair, reached pretty much the same as last edition: that means it decreased compared to last year edition. On top of that, their quality has been deteriorating as well: they look for more and more affordable prices, and their deliveries have dropped, compared to the edition of 12 months ago. Unfortunately, they are currently dealing with a difficult situation, owing to ruble devaluation, increased transport costs and customs duties; not to mention that last summer sales went below expectations. We did hope, of course, we could do something more, but, speaking my mind, it was not feasible”.


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