Amphibious vehicles or equipped with an oven: special performance requires leather

Amphibious vehicles or equipped with an oven: special performance requires leather

When designing a special performance product, leather is chosen. This is demonstrated by projects at Lexus and Abarth where upholstery is called upon to withstand extreme conditions, to say the least.

The special performance: moisture-resistant

For its 75th birthday, Abarth unveiled a 230-horsepower car-boat (in photo on the right). An ultra-limited edition product called Abarth Offshore. A kind of car designed with input from Centro Stile Fiat and Abarth to go not on the road, but on water. According to Journal du Luxe, the model was presented during the “Top Marques 2024” event held June 5-9 in Monaco. On display was Car Off Shore, a company that turns cars into boats. The Abarth Offshore echoes the Italian lines of the Fiat 500, with a metallic green body and dark hazelnut details. This model matches the Besenzoni sports seats with an ergonomic quilted leather backrest. The company will make available 500 fully customizable models.

And to extreme heat

Lexus has instead released upgrades for the 75,000-euro GX SUV. In partnership with luxury appliance brand Monogram, Lexus equips the SUV with an electric oven that can bake pizzas and any other dish (pictured left from In addition, there are compartments for cutlery, cooled ones for drinks, exterior storage compartments for wine bottles, and even an ice-making machine. Leather takes center stage and lines the compartment where the oven is located and where very high temperatures are reached. Leather plays a perfect role for these set-ups: not just for display, but commercially motivated and thus in need of meeting customers’ demands.

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