Leather Duets: the infinite possibilities of leather take shape

Leather Duets: the infinite possibilities of leather take shape

The infinite possibilities of leather take shape at Lineapelle Interiors Leather Duets. In other words, the project within Lineapelle 103 that brings together styling and product development skills, dedicated to the world of design and creativity.

The infinite possibilities of leather

The idea is to tell visitors at Lineapelle 103 about the versatility of leather as a design element, with unique and high-quality applications. Solutions that combine the manufacturing savoir faire of Italian companies, the contamination of materials and the ability to create art. Objective: to keep interest high in markets not only in Europe, but also in the United States.

Mistral’s experience with Mantellassi 1926

“Our installation stems from leather and fabric lamination techniques”, recalls Marta Caccaro, Mistral‘s sales manager. “With Mantellassi 1926 we have developed this contemporary environment, where leather ends up on the walls and partitions, and is ennobled, using various techniques, from digital printing to embossing and carving. With solutions taken from the nautical world for a leather boiserie also ready to cover electrical systems”.

Gaiera’s project with CierreEsse

Ingenuity, art, practicality, and upcycling also feature in the duet between Conceria Gaiera and CierreEsse. “We have involved the designer Uto Balmoral for this project”, explains Stefano Risorto, general manager of the Lombard tannery acquired in 2020 by Chanel, “devising unconventional pieces of furniture. Like these lamps, that are very soft wooden stones covered in leather, or even the coloured seats and hangers. Leather is such a natural element, and with this project we combine design with the fashion world, for which our leathers are intended, by recovering precious leathers from our warehouses”.

The Leather Duets

There are five Leather Duets at Lineapelle Interiors. In addition to the two mentioned above, Hall 24 of Lineapelle 103 also features installations by Conceria Montebello with Studioart, Gruppo Mastrotto with Kreoo and Manifattura di Domodossola with Nalesso.




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