Lineapelle: leather lessons in Seoul with K-Leather Taste Makers

Lineapelle: leather lessons in Seoul with K-Leather Taste Makers

Fashion and style. Interiors and automotive. Any other possible declination of leather in the context of an all-encompassing dimension of everyday life. It addresses the lifestyle scenario, and the way leather can become an integral, stimulating and enhancing part of it. Based on this suggestion, Lineapelle returned to South Korea to hold a series of “leather lessons” entitled K-Leather Taste Makers. Objective: to engage a very smart target of Asian creativity, the Korean one. And, above all, to unleash in it – by satisfying it – a very particular “hunger”: that for Italian leather.

Leather lessons in Seoul

The Korean world is one capable of viral inspiration, very often anticipating the trends that then impose themselves on the rest of the world. It is in this context that, on Friday, at the futuristic location of Switch22, Lineapelle held three seminars that sold out. Three significant “leather lessons” based on the opportunity not only to talk with Orietta Pelizzari, Lineapelle’s global fashion consultant, but also to touch samples and leather samples. A cultural, educational and promotional combo that has – for the umpteenth time – hit the mark.

K-Leather Taste Makers

Hyundai Motor, LX Hausys, Fila, Kolon, Woo Young Mi, Hyundai Transys Kia. These are just some of the companies whose product design offices (fashion, interior design, automotive) attended the leather lessons organised by Lineapelle. Their participation was by no means passive, as seen in the expressions, surprise and comments of many upon discovering leather and its infinite possible declinations. Because the Korean one – in particular – is a world that has very basic knowledge of leather, and often little of that knowledge can be translated into its contemporary and innovative use. Knowledge that finds in creative seminars such as those offered by Lineapelle, the possibility of moving up a level. As well as the opportunity to share the beauty, quality and innovation of Italian leather in a participatory manner.

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