Automotive: Faurecia speed up in the first quarter (+9,3%), GST encourage designers to believe in leather, “more sustainable than synthetics”

Faurecia are celebrating their great performance. The French group, a global player in the automotive sector, expanded their business in 2018 early quarter, as revenues coming from sales increased by 9,3% (4,3 billion euros), achieving a good performance in all countries and divisions. The Seating department, which drives 42% of the overall turnover, increased, in the period, by 7,5% on annual basis, thus reaching 1,8 billion euros in terms of earnings. In all areas, revenues went up in double figures, except for North America (-9%). As for GST Autoleather, they call for sensibility. Florian Schrey, vice-president of the company, recently bought out, pointed out, while speaking at the Lectra Automotive Leather Conference, held in Bordeaux, plastic materials “can be easily used”, whereas “vegan lifestyle is more and more appealing to many people”. Yet, as reported by Leatherbiz, the manager also encouraged designers to believe in leather: when it comes to product sustainability, durability and quality, no material can match it in fact.


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