Automotive Interior Expo 2018, Stuttgart: market and innovation meet, while talking about leather and machine learning

When a customer and a salesperson meet, in a premium car exhibition, they are most likely to talk, among other things, about “leather” and “technology”. Likewise, when designers and managers, who work together in a manufacturing company, discuss a new project, they are likely to ask one another: “How many leather units are required? And how about timings?” Aiming to answer such questions, therefore making the leather manufacturing industry more efficient with regard to hides uneven shape, Romanian Gemini developed a CAD system for cutting, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Sales Manager Emanuel Martonca (in the picture) introduced such innovative project: “Thanks to its processor and its mother board, the software will be able to make complex calculations in a very short time, therefore adopting the best possible solution among thousands of them”. This is one of the innovative projects presented at Automotive Interior Expo 2018, held in Stuttgart on June 5-7. Thanks to the upcoming autonomous-drive vehicles, the sector is ready to renovate firmly car interiors, in terms of concept and framework. Hence, leather’s role is bound to change as well, focusing not only on efficiency, as we said, but also on 3D, hi-tech and sustainability.


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