Automotive, the 25 proposals of European manufacturers for the restart

Automotive, the 25 proposals of European manufacturers for the restart

Safety in the workplace, stability in international relations, support for demand. The automotive industry, from production to the end market, has been “hit hard” by the crisis triggered by Coronavirus. This is why the 25 proposals from European manufacturers are now coming to ensure a solid restart of the sector. The document is signed by the reference community codes of the four wheels: ACEA (manufacturers), CLEPA (suppliers), CECRA (distribution) and ETRMA (tires and rubber).

The framework

The European car has, above all, priorities. Which ones? “To ensure the recovery of activities (now that in the EU countries factories are all roughly reopened, ed) in safety”, first of all. It is not enough. It is necessary “to guarantee the liquidity necessary for the economic ecosystem to be healthy” and at the same time “lay the foundations – reads the document – for a sustainable recovery, supporting the demand for cars and investments in technology and innovation”.

The 25 proposals of European manufacturers

For this reason, the document addressed to the Commission opens, in the first point, with the request for “harmonised guidelines for safety in the workplace”. Manufacturers are concerned about international relations: they ask for “the transportation of goods” to be exempted “from possible closures at borders”.

In addition, the manufacturers hope that the Commission will be responsible for “the role of central information source” on the initiatives of member states with regard to the possibility of circulation of products and people. The final market needs stimulation, we said. For this reason, the widespread reopening of dealerships and showrooms must be accompanied by “support schemes for car demand”. The technological transition, meanwhile, also goes through social capital and for this reason manufacturers ask for incentives to “train the workforce”.

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