Ferrari performs well in the third quarter and races on the stock exchange. Lear opens in Macedonia, automotive in good health

Profits of + 20% that reached to 113 million euros, above market forecasts. The delivery of cars in the “High-End” sector and of 8000 units by the year are on the horizon, as well as the achievement of one billion euros EBITDA (EBITDA). “Our quarter performed as predicted. I don’t have any news for you.” The satisfaction of Ferrari’s President and CEO of Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne, explains well the results of the Maranello team in the third quarter of 2016. While Ferrari forecasts the highest dividends of the past two years for this end of the year, and it sees its title gain 6.73% on the trading floor, it’s the entire automotive segment to register a fast-paced growth. Signs of vitality are also coming from automakers. British Rolls-Royce has recently established a new team of designers – borrowed from the fashion industry – to deal with cars’ interiors as, for example, the newly appointed “leather technologist” former Mulberry designer, Michelle Lusby. Good signals also come from suppliers. Lear Corporation, the giant automotive of interiors, has launched a new plant in Macedonia (where it had already opened a factory in 2015) with 500 workers, and that’s ready to host up to 3,000.


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