The court rules against Shearwood, Clarks had the right to fire him

Mercato troppo volatile: Clarks perde vendite e utili

Mike Shearwood lost the lawsuit against Clarks. The manager filed against the footwear brand, of which he was CEO, for wrongful termination, but the courts found no ground for his accusations. Shearwood brought Clarks to court because he believed he forced to step down in 2018 with no proper justification. Moreover, he states he was never given the chance to defend himself as he received the list of accusations moved by the brand against him, just a few hours before his forced departure.

Clarks’ saying

During the debate, Clarks’ lawyers argued all accusations made by the ex CEO, stating that Shearwood was fired solely for his incapability in performing the managerial position. The lawyer Paul Goulding QC stated during the procedures, that Shearwood “had insulted the brand’s professionals with no proof. He attacked the integrity of Clark’s employees, as well as the president of the board, Tom O’Neil”. Lastly, he affirmed that Shearwood was to respect the company’s ethical code, as per his contract.

The decision

Derek Reed, the judge at the labor court of Bristol, reports BBC News, collected proof and testimonies over Shearwood’s behavior, who had allegedly (now confirmed) used racist and sexist language towards the employees. The judge, in fact, ruled against Shearwood in favor of Clarks, also pointing out that the accusations towards the ex-CEO originated in the USA, and finding no documentation testifying to Mr. Shearwood’s thesis.


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