Hermès Sur-Mesure customizes luxury, as they provide leather for car, yacht and business jet interiors

Simple though effective. Customer shows up at Hermès, in one of their luxury stores: here he talks to the staff and jots down a draft of his ideal plan about his vehicle interiors. After the provisional sketch, they meet up again with the creative designers and the engineers of the luxury fashion company; as well craftsmen, who will actually carry out the final work, are supposed to take part in the meeting. In doing so, all necessary standpoints and hints will be considered in the project. At this point, job is done: customer will find his own car, yacht or business jet interiors covered with leather by Hermès. Such is the service provided by Hermès Sur-Mesure, which enables the French luxury brand to step into the after-market world, following some partnerships, in the past, with Smart and Hyundai for a few special projects. “I like to apply artistic creativity to objects daily utility. We are not just manufacturers: we make ideas come true”, points out Axel De Beaufort, director of Sur-Mesure, while talking to GQ. At present, the service is available only in France. (Photo from gq.com)


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