Lineapelle 98: trend is positive, market is uncertain

Lineapelle 98 day 2: il trend è positivo, il mercato preoccupa

We are confident about the present, that is, the three-day fair event at Fieramilano Rho. Yet, we are doubtful about the future, that is, about repercussions on fashion industry owing to a possible standstill of China’s market. Two different interpretations may apply to Lineapelle 98 day 2. Today, 20th February, the fair for leather and fashion materials, on its day 2, shows again a positive trend with regard to attendance, in terms of buyers’ number and, most of all, quality. Yet, Lineapelle visitors must deal with huge instability around China: fashion items shopping and, consequently, brands’ production depend on the (unpredictable) progression of Coronavirus outbreak.

Day 2 does not turn out to be disappointing

“We enjoyed a very positive feedback – said Adriano Nizzaro, sales manager at Faeda tannery –. Many buyers visited our stand. In addition, other clients, who usually do not turn up, came by, driven by the concomitance of the event with Micam. The stock program service proved very successful: it drew attendance a great deal. We are happy: trend is in line with previous editions”. They are on the same wavelength at DMD Solofra tannery stand: “Chinese visitors are missing, for example – admitted Dino De Maio – but, ironically enough, it can be advantageous to some extent. Which way? When stands are not overcrowded, we can devote ourselves more closely to each customer”.

Chinese uncertainty

If we knew more about the real impact of Coronavirus outbreak and its consequences on the fair event and the market, it would be easier to everybody. Conversely, fashion industry players must forcedly grope around. “Fear of virus outbreak is putting off, right now, Chinese and Asian buyers – commented Antonio Cioffi, from Solofra’s Cotina tannery – and that is weakening the fair, of course”. “Since we heard that Micam did not go well, we were a bit worried about it – said at Spanish Isisi stand –. Lineapelle is going much better than expected, considering preconditions”.



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