“If Italy is important for Porsche is also thanks to Pasubio”

“If Italy is important for Porsche is also thanks to Pasubio”

The interesting market of luxury automobiles. A fundamental part of the value chain. Italy is important for Porsche. Very important: said Barbara Frenkel, executive board member of the automaker. The manager, on a mission in Italy mid-June, visited three sites of the brand’s main suppliers. Two technical ones, of Pirelli (tires) and Brembo (breaks) and one tied to the cars’ interiors: Conceria Pasubio, which, with its leather, gives interiors the necessary luxury feel.

Italy for Porsche

First and foremost and interesting marketplace, because Porsche delivered 6,200 vehicles to Italian clients in 2021, says Frenkel. But the country also is a fundamental piece of the brand’s supply chain, because the automaker has 150 suppliers in Italy, with which it has a “stable and long-lasting relationship”. After the visit at Brembo, Pirelli and Pasubio, the manager has said to have been “impressed by the strength and passion that the people take when working with us”. Concepts that were repeated during the Italian-German Economic Forum organized by the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce (in photo): “Our goals are innovation, sport and sustainability – reads the social media account -. We are the right brand for those that follow their dreams. We have succeeded for 70 years and will continue doing so”.

Endorsement for leather

It’s significant that an endorsement for leather, such as this, comes from a luxury brand of the automotive segment, considering that other similar ones, like Tesla, continue to focus on projects that appease the demands of vegan consumers. Elon Musk’s company announced it enriched its interiors’ portfolio with a new material of major value, according to advertisements calling it “Banbu leather”. It’s not just that, as reported by some specialized magazines, the option is “ridiculously expensive”. It’s also, we add, out of this world. Because Banbu leather, even with its given name, isn’t leather, but rather a recycled part of bamboo. Meanwhile, producers of the material, if we look on their websites, have the goal of bringing animal leather “to extinction”. Musk, you are barking up the wrong tree.

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