“Lamborghini isn’t for sale”, says VW: but there is a 7.5 billion offer on the table

“Lamborghini isn’t for sale”, says VW: but there is a 7.5 billion offer on the table

Lamborghini isn’t for sale”, says Volkswagen, owner of the brand. But Swiss Quantum Group AG, supported by London-based investment fund Centricus Asset Management, don’t want to hear it. Additionally, they say that the 7.5 billion euro offer is still on the table, and that an additional 1 / 2 billion are available to ensure investments and jobs. Will the Germans concede?

The offer

Lamborghini, in truth owned by Audi (which is owned by VW), had a revenue of 1.61 billion euro. The result is down 11% compared to 2019, a record-breaking year for the manufacturer. The offer is thus worth 6 times the revenue. “We believed that this is a fair first offer, it’s a common evaluation for luxury brands – explains the co-founder of Quantum Rea Stark to Reuters –. And if there is a will to negotiate, both in terms of investments, guarantees or price point, we are obviously still ready”.

Lamborghini isn’t for sale

The offer for Lamborghini, which would include the historic location in Sant’Agata Bolognese and the brand’s motorsport operations, was first made at the end of February, but was only made known a few days ago. Still, this didn’t seem to shake VW that much, even if they may had considered selling the brand a while ago, they answered that Lamborghini isn’t for sale. “Audi and Volkswagen’s message is clear. We must accept it”, concluded Mr. Stark.

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