Poltrona Frau upholsters McLaren Speedtail, a 2 million euro supercar

Poltrona Frau and McLaren have lately signed a co-design agreement to upholster the interiors of Speedtail, a new supercar: they have produced 106 units, and they have already sold them all. Selling price: nearly 2 million euros. Yet, the company, headquartered in the Marche and specialized in the manufacture of seats for means of transport (cars, planes, yachts), has been enjoying a considerable boost. One of Poltrona Frau’s internal divisions, Interiors in Motion, has overseen this specific sector since 1986. As reported by Il Sole 24 Ore, 320 employees currently work in the division, whose revenues are expected to reach about 70 million euros at the end of the year (out of 190 million euros, which is Poltrona Frau’s overall turnover); they aim at reaching 100 million euros in the next 3 to 4 years.

Automotive partnership
Looking at the automotive sector, their top client is Ferrari: in fact, Poltrona Frau provides the car manufacturer with its leather interiors for all models; they are also Ferrari’s exclusive partner in the tailor made project. They also supply, among others, McLaren, Jaguar and Maserati; as well, they produce leather interiors for the high-end car models by Land Rover.

Planes and yachting
As regards planes, Poltrona Frau has been collaborating, for a long while, with Singapore Airlines, for which they are making leather seats to be placed in first and business class aboard the new Airbus 380 aircrafts fleet. Ethiad and Hawaiian Airlines are other clients too. Conversely, sales in the yachting industry are more limited. While granting an interview to Il Sole daily newspaper, Kurt Wallner, general manager of the Interiors in Motion division, explained the reasons: “We cannot carry out all manufacture in Tolentino, as we have to go to shipyards. Consequently, it turns harder to bring such projects to completion”.


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