When the made in Italy shoe wins: the cases a.testoni, Doucal’s, Diadora

There is a part of made in Italy that functions and speaks the language of footwear. That of the  brand a.testoni, for example, which saddle up to conquest China.

The Bolognese brand (which has been controlled by Sitoy group in Hong Kong since the end of 2018) develops a turnover of around 30 million euros and “has started a process of focusing on the original values of the brand, on its belonging to the territory of Bologna and on its capacity to express a product conceived, designed and produced in Italy”, as CEO Bruno Mantechi told MFF, announcing a growth strategy in China based on the product: “We have invested to raise the quality level of our suppliers and to design an updated collection composed of coloured sneakers, coats in light and unlined leather, while leather goods are distinctive, with some lines that have been completely renewed”.

Asia is also a target for Doucal’s, a company from Marche that produces in Italy and aims to reach 20 million euros in sales by 2020, from the 15 million it ended 2018 with (export share: 60%). “We aim to improve in the markets where we are present, from Europe to Russia, passing through Asia and the Middle East. The Asian market is finally responding positively to stimuli and investments” said the creative director and shareholder Gianni Giannini to MFF and Sole24Ore. “Once this market share is consolidated, we will evaluate expansion in the US by selecting a partner that has our vision”.

And last (but not leats), Diadora that, thanks to its sports-related identity, focuses on the e-commerce, which grew by 65% ​​in 2018 and is worth 6% of total turnover (excluding licenses), equal to 168.2 million euros (+6.2% on 2017). Footwear generates 80% of revenues, a share that, despite an increase in sales of this product, the company wants to downsize, enhancing clothing. For Diadora, too, Made in Italy is a winner: leather shoes produced in Italy are having a great success, as explained by Enrico Moretti Polegato to Corriere della Sera. (mv)

Pictures from testoni.com (right), diadora.com (in the centre), doucals.com (right)



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