Putin’s car team to launch new SUV (with leather interiors)

La scuderia di Putin lancia il primo SUV (con interni in pelle)

The first “leaked” images, so to speak, came out last January, when they tested cars on the road. Official presentation was formerly scheduled in August, then they had to postpone it because of the temporary cancellation of the Moscow Auto Show, due to Covid-19 outbreak: in fact, the car exhibition, held in Moscow, was due to host the presentation event itself. In the meantime, Aurus, Putin’s car team, has revealed and made public the early images and info sheets about Komendant, the new luxury SUV they are about to launch officially on the market. The vehicle design, as harshly remarked by some observers, reminds of Rolls Royce and Bentley cars. Interiors are reportedly made of leather.

Putin’s car team

It is not a bit of a stretch to say that Aurus is Vladimir Putin’s car brand: in fact, looking at its history, one can see that the Russian president has had a strong influence on it. As reported by a few trade journals and magazines, a project to create a national carmaker was first launched in 2013.

The brand refers to NAMI, the Central Research and Development Automobile and Engine Institute, and cooperates with a few national partners, such as “military giant Rostec – as reported by La Stampa – and Sollers JSC (which is the holding in control over Uaz and Kamaz, among others)”.

One of the vehicles in the portfolio is Senat, Putin’s presidential car since 2018, when he turned down his former Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman. There we go now with the Komendant SUV, whose first 200 vehicles will be allotted to the public fleet. They will subsequently launch it on the market in 2021.

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