Turn ideas into seats: Lear launches the team that will design the seating alongside carmakers

Lear Corporation, the giant interior automotive company (140,000 employees in 36 countries, BMW and Ferrari among their clients), has formed a team of designers and engineers called “The Crafted by Lear”, totally dedicated to assisting the automakers in the first steps of the conception of new projects. The new “office” will start working on three pilot projects for premium cars that will hit the market between 2019 and 2021. Subsequently, the initiative will be extended to all market segments. Inaugurated the headquarters in Detroit (where he recently opened the Innovation Center for young designers), the headquarters of The Crafted by Lear is a showroom where car manufacturers, when they are still in the design process of the new vehicles, can exchange ideas on techniques and production materials to transform relevant insight into reality. “ When it comes to buying a car, who buys a car has become more selective even on the interiors. The seats play an important role in the perception of quality and passenger comfort, says Raymond Scott, president of Lear Seating. Our service offers customers a unique approach to have the best solutions.”


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