The Sesia it bag is a success: Loro Piana relaunches with new bags

The Sesia it bag is a success: Loro Piana relaunches with new bags

The Sesia it bag, which we have been able to define as Loro Piana‘s “gauntlet” to leather goods, has already proved to be a successful operation two months after its launch. For this reason, the brand of the LVMH group says it is convinced of the investment in accessories, and is preparing new releases.

“Accessories, as bags, shoes and textile accessories, are certainly elements of great importance and interest – CEO Fabio d’Angelantonio told MFF -. If we look at the history of the last two to three years and the next 18 months”.

Sesia it bag

“Almost two months after its launch, we are very happy – says the CEO about the impact of Sesia on the market -. We ran a campaign on social media, with about seventy influencers, which gave us a total of about 80 million reach and over two million likes”.

The results, we said, support the strategy: “In September and October we will launch a new bag, two new models, very important – he continues -: the tote and a mini Sesia, which will be very interesting especially in the Asian markets, so the range will is getting complete”.

The market

Speaking of Asian markets, d’Angelantonio acknowledges that in the current post-pandemic scenario there are three, at most four, countries that are driving sales. “China above all, but then the Middle East, with Dubai and all that world – are his words -. And, then, Korea and Russia too”. Loro Piana studies tricks to seize the moment.

“More and more, those consumers will want products developed for them and will be happy to buy them locally – says the CEO -. We will have capsules collections dedicated to local taste, made with local artists and with the most relevant codes, for Chinese or in the Middle East”.

Speaking of fashion news, the manager explains that he is opening up to collaborations with great designers: “Never say never. I believe that ours is a brand that has in its DNA to evolve and amaze, to undertake paths that are not necessarily taken for granted and courageous. If I have to answer, I say: why not?”.

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