Wollsdorf take off in the USA: Austrian tannery teams up with OmnAvia Interiors to gain the business jet market

After closely liaising with each other for 4 years, companies have now signed a formal agreement. Their common aim is rather clear: to take leadership in the market of leather interiors for business jets. Austria’s tannery Wollsdorf Leather, led by Andreas Kindermann (he is currently in charge of Cotance), has recently signed a partnership agreement with OmnAvia interiors, aiming to “enhance our focusing – pointed out Rick Colford, president of Wollsdorf USA, while speaking to businessjetinteriorsinternational.com portal – on the airplanes market and subsequently reinforce our service, in terms of quality”. According to Robin Butler, managing partner of OmnAvia, leather made by Wollsdorf “is perfect for the plane interiors business, thanks to its technical properties, most of all its being fireproof”. Since the beginning of 1900, Wollsdorf Leather tannery has been specialised in manufacturing leather for automotive (to be mostly employed to cover steering wheels), home furnishings and aircrafts. One year ago, they started a project to open a tannery in Mexico, based in Leòn; at the end of 2017, they signed a supply deal, among others, for the interiors of 100 twin-engine airplanes made by Diamond Aircraft (in the picture).


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