Alpa and Repico sign a global development strategic agreement

Alpa and Repico have reached a global partnership agreement, which will be involving all of the company facilities. In doing so, the companies, leaders in the manufacturing of chemicals for the leather-tanning industry, keep pursuing a strategy to “reinforce their own technical and commercial positions on international scale – they announced in a press release – and consequently optimize their supply of products and services directed at tanneries”. Unity is strength then: in fact, Alpa and Repico are planning to reposition their own area plants and factories on international scale, therefore enhancing their role on the leather-tanning market.


Both Italian players, which may boast a 70-year-old experience in the industry, aim to foster their research activities in order to “optimize their current range of products, which are bound to get complementary – they added – while developing new generations of products, with advanced sustainability properties”. In the same way as research, production and distribution as well (mostly thanks to some implementations in logistics) will aim at the optimization of activities, in order to provide “tanneries with a more rewarding service”, “support more effectively their branches and agencies” and “meet customers’ demand by supplying meticulously just in time feedback”.

Focus on quality

Among priorities announced by Alpa and Repico, a few of them are still of paramount importance: “our close care for customers’ demand, as much as a natural attitude towards problem solving”. All of the products, manufactured by the companies, concern the whole tanning process, “in full compliance with ReacH – they wrapped up in the release – and regulations currently in force, in line with specifications required by the market”.

Pictures taken from Alpa and Repico websites


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