Conceria Del Chienti , Poltrona Frau and the University of Camerino join forces to create an MA in Tannery

Three Marche excellence have joined forces to provide a high-level training course that will foster the new professionals of the leather sector. Conceria del Chienti, Poltrona Frau and the University of Camerino presented the master in “Arte Conciaria” (litt. ‘Tannery Art’) at the Museum of Poltrona Frau Tolentino. The course of studies announced in October, will last one year and will be starting on March, 6 and will finish on December, 15. It will teach a class of 18 students, and it will cost 1800 € entry. The master allows the acquisition of 60 credits as well as an internship in one of the two sponsoring companies. Conceria del Chienti and Poltrona Frau also funded four scholarships. The master’s degree in ‘Arte Conciaria’ aims to train specialists in the tanning industry to ensure the generational change in the leather sector companies while providing an opportunity for job placement in an area hit by the crisis and by the quake. At the same time, the master is a chance to ensure the preservation of a typical work of the Made in Italy, where there is an active component of craftsmanship. According to Nicola Coropulis, of Poltrona Frau, “create a bridge between the world of business and strategic know-how is vital to enhance the excellence of the territory”. Marco Luppa, of the Chienti tannery, added that “the future also involves investing in new skills that help businesses to grow and to become more competitive in the global market”.


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