Chemicals and water: UNIC together with ZDHC tell the brands about Italian tanneries’ sustainable commitment

Still we do not know the results of the analysis campaign, inside an experimental project, focused on Italian tanneries’ sewage. Yet UNICItalian Tanneries began telling about the first positive feedback coming from a valuable cooperation project recently carried out with ZDHC. They spoke about the initiative before about 300 entrepreneurs and managers, gathered, on February 1st, at the Campus Bovisa, set by the Polytechnic of Milan, to take part in the second session of “Enhancing Chemical Management. A Supply Chain Shared Goal”. The event was promoted by a few luxury groups, such as Burberry, Hugo Boss, Kering and (among others) LVMH, together with the Polytechnic of Milan, ZDHC and 4sustainability. The main goal, shared by the whole leather industry, is to reduce the employment of families of substances which are considered hazardous: aiming to it, data provided and made public by UNIC – Italian Tanneries are already confirming that concentration of such elements in Italian tanneries’ sewage is currently low. Furthermore, all the families under investigation have never been detected in the waste water deriving from the tanning process of one single company. The aim is now to pinpoint some acceptable concentration limits in the tanning industry: owing to the sector peculiarity, they are to be different from the ones considered acceptable in the textile manufacturing.


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