Lanxess modifies prices once again: Sodium dichromate costs 20% more

Lanxess announces a 20% increase in the price of its Sodium Dichromate. The measure, effective immediately, is caused by the increased operational costs and the need to re-finance investments among the assets of the multinational, that operates in the chemical industry. Sodium dichromate is the mineral from which chromite-based materials are made, especially chromite salts used in the tanning industry, that Lanxess retails all around the world. This is not the first increase that the chemicals’ group applies to its chromite-based products: at the end of November 2016, the price had already been increased by 20%, which was followed by an ulterior +10% in March of 2017, when we interviewed Mario Garrone (Regional Head of Marketing and Sales Business Unit Leather for the EMEA countries), as he explained: “The increases are caused the by the price increases of chromite, which has doubled in the last year”. Why is that? Because of “the significant recovery of the demand of steel and products made with chromium in the construction industry, at a global level but most of all in the Far East”.


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