Safety and conformity of the chemical products used in tanning: TFL joins ZDHC

“TFL sees the membership of ZDHC as a strong fit with our strategy of providing ‘Great Chemicals. Excellent Advice’ to our customers. We are committed to working together with our customers to drive improvements in product strategy and we are supporting this by developing and launching safer, more environmentally friendly products”. These were the words of Peter Amann, CEO of TFL, a well-known player in the chemical tanning product industry which, since the beginning of May, has been accepted as a member of ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals), the international project that has won the support of over 50 flagship organisations and companies from the fashion industry, also including UNIC (National Union of the Tanning Industry) and ICEC (Quality Certification Institution for the Tanning Industry). Its objective is well-known: eliminate hazardous chemical products worldwide from the textile, tanning and footwear industries. A statement issued by the chemical agency reads that “TFL has already established an internal auditing process to ensure compliance of its products not only with the ZDHC –MRSL list but also with REACH and all EU directives and major national and international regulations. Official compliance statements with all detailed and relevant information are available for all customers and third parties”.



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