High-end shoes by Rebeca Sanver to be on sale, as Spanish footwear slumps

Rebeca Sanver is about to close. Footwear Spanish company Florencia Marco, founded in 1987, owner of the brand (besides To Be and Pimientos), had been facing economic recession for a while. Aiming to carry on with their business, in October they submitted a petition, to Alicante Commercial Court, to find a deal with creditors. Since parties have not come to an agreement, the same Court therefore accepted a request for the closure of the company. They are now going to move on to liquidation sale. In 2004, the turnover of the high-end footwear manufacturer amounted to 22 million euros; in 2015 revenues decreased to 8 million euros. One of the reasons that drove the company to such crisis has been the opening of eight single-brand stores. The Court appointed Carlos Felipe Ros as new managing director of Florencia Marco. He replaced the former chief executive officer, José Juan Sanchìs Busquier, who was also the president, from 2013 to 2015, of FICE, the association of Spanish footwear entrepreneurs.


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