Europol: “86% of the world’s fake products are “Made in China.” Beijing is livid

The recent report by Europol on the global market for counterfeit goods was unresponsively defined by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman, according to which the data presented in the study should be further analysed. The document argues that the People’s Republic represents, with the share of 86% (72% to 14% in Hong Kong), the largest producer of counterfeit goods in the world for an annual value of $ 396.5 billion. Within 74 pages, Eropol reveals that counterfeit products represent 12.5% of Chinese exports and over 1.5% of GDP in the country. For its part, the Trade Ministry spokesman recalled that Beijing is striving to fake and that in the first four months of this year the customs authorities seized 930,000 items of goods suspected of infringing copyright. Also, product control authorities seized more than 425,000 items that did not have the minimum quality required for exports, including clothing, bags, suitcases, toys, and electronic products.


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