CRV’s effect on French leather’s first 8 months

CRV’s effect on French leather’s first 8 months

In the first 8 months of 2020, the overall numbers of the performance of the leather chain in France decreased. Between lockdowns and social distancing, it would have been difficult to have been any other way: CRV’s effect is having repercussions with negative percentages in the double-digits, on all levels of the chain: from raw material to finished goods.

CRV’s effect

The data collected by Conseil National du Cuir says that nobody escaped the pandemic, not even those at the top of the chain. While in the period going from January to August the raw material coming out of slaughterhouses remained stable, (-0.3% adult bovines, -5.9% ovine, -3.8% goat), raw material dropped after: the country decreased imports by 19% and lost 32% of all sales made to foreign markets. In the same period, overall turnover for tanning decreased by 27.5% on yearly basis. The performance is even worse for finished leather: imports lost 29% while exports decreased by 42%.

Finished goods

It didn’t go much better for finished goods. French footwear, reported CNC, lost 31% in volume and 23% in value, while imports and exports were, respectively, 16% and 17% lower. Footwear distributers lost 22%. Leather goods? The trend is similar. Overall turnover is down by 20.9%, same goes for imports and exports (-19% and -14% respectively). Retailers, last but not least, lost almost half their revenue: -44.5%.

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