German tanners declare war on eco-swindlers: “Do not call leather what leather it isn’t”

There is no peace for German eco-swindlers. Over 300 disputes with payment of penalties and more than 40 injunctions issued by the Courts. It is the results collected by VDL (the German Tobacco Association) for the last three years in the battle against who speculates on the word skin. It is a topic known to UNIC, which engages daily in the contrast of the phenomenon in Italian territory. Some so many alternative materials producers play dirty in the name of their product. These approach the term “skin” to adjectives such as echo, vegan, and synthetic. They pursue a dual purpose: confusing the consumer who is sorry to be buying something that has the quality of skin; And the illusion of a more eco-friendly material. An example of this type of distortion is Wineleather. With a resumption from, VDL says it is “heavily pursuing the illegal and deceptive use of the term” skin “for materials that are not genuine” under German law on labelling. VDL, moreover, knows that it is adhering to Cotance’s initiatives to bring the matter to the attention of the European Commission for a Community regulation.


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