Philippe Plein’s campaign against fake: 50,000 items have been seized during the year to date. Most of them in China and France

A task force against fake products has been set up by Philippe Plein, who launched a real offensive against counterfeit that is affecting his brand in 35 markets (among which Europe, Russia, Middle East, China, South East Asia and the USA). The company has been sifting retail distribution channels and the web, as well as misleading advertising on social networks. During the year to date 50,000 Philippe Plein fake products have been seized on the whole: first and foremost in China, where 16,897 counterfeit items have been seized, then France (7,645 units and 22 legal actions taken though) and Russia (5,227 units). Plein’s campaign has been planned and implemented in cooperation with Italian counselor Barzanò & Zanardo, liaising with local authorities and suppliers. One of the aims of the campaign is to struggle against exploitation of child labour.


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