USA and Hamburg, Gucci and Vuitton: counterfeiting is never in crisis

USA and Hamburg, Gucci and Vuitton: counterfeiting is never in crisis

Counterfeiting is never in crisis. Just the opposite, it seems as if Covid-19 gave it a push. For example, in the USA, it is estimated that footwear (including sneakers), represent 12% of all seized merchandise. The luxury segment isn’t immune: 625 pairs of fake Gucci shoes were recently seized. Meanwhile, in Germany, Louis Vuitton ordered the destruction of 3,000 fake pairs.

Counterfeiting is never in crisis

Agents of the Louisville US Customs and Border Protection have seized 625 pairs of fake Gucci shoes that came from Dubai and were headed to New York. The documents state that the containers were filled with cellphone cases. The shoes, writes Footwear News, were examined by an expert that confirmed the goods were fake. If the products were real, the market value would have been of 456,250 USD.

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The increase of online orders has greatly favored the growth of counterfeiting. US authorities have confiscated 27,599 shipments in 2019, “filled with products that infringe intellectual property rights for a value of 1.5 billion USD”. FDRA (Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America), estimates that footwear make up about 12% of the value. The most counterfeited brands? Nike, Adidas, UGG and Christian Louboutin.

Meanwhile in Hamburg

In Hamburg, Germany, customs’ authorities have ordered the destruction of 3,000 pairs of black boots with the fake LV logo. They came from China. The agents sent pictures of the goods to Paris, where Vuitton “confirmed the products were counterfeited and, in consultation with customs, demanded the destruction of the goods”, stated spokesperson Kristina Severon to portal “Counterfeited goods are usually destroyed, instead of being given to charitable organizations. That’s because they have been manufactured under suspicious circumstances, and so it’s impossible to exclude that those that use them may incur into a health risk”.

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