New Zealand, Tasman Tanning buy out Light Leathers

Acquisizione neozelandese: Tasman Tanning compra Light Leathers

In New Zealand, which is poles apart, leather companies are up to reorganization. Allegedly, Tasman Tanning have recently bought out New Zealand Light Leathers (a division of Argent Group Europe, a meat giant). The portal reported the news. According to the same portal, the new owners are supposedly planning to carry out an expansion of Light Leathers staff and activity.


A few months ago, New Zealand Light Leathers (headquartered in the district of Timaru) publicly announced they were going through a difficult period, mostly because of the trade war between the United States and China. In fact, owing to trade war, demand for deer leather, which is the company’s manufacturing speciality, has collapsed. Following such downturn in production, the tannery also announced they would make some redundancies.

Alarm reset

The new ownership might possibly heal the company then. As reported by a local information portal, allegedly they carried out the acquisition, in New Zealand, last year, on December 20. David Cassidy, former chief executive officer of New Zealand Light Leathers (the new management appointed him as CEO again), stressed the fact that the aim is “to deliver development and business expansion in the area and, in a long-term period, create more jobs”. Hunter Tait, president of Tasman Tanning, illustrated his strategy. According to such plan, “this acquisition will enable us to get access to South Island’s wet blue hides, therefore supporting our production in the city of Whanganui (here Tasman Tanning currently run their flagship plant, editor’s note).

Pictures taken from Tasman Tanning and New Zealand Light Leathers websites

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