Vuitton vs. e-fake. Florida condemns 218 portals to compensate $ 23 million at LVMH

Louis Vuitton has received a $ 22.9 million (roughly € 20 million) reimbursement from the Federal Tribunal for Florida to pay for damages resulting from online counterfeiting by and -commerce. A few weeks ago, the same Florida court had already given Louis Vuitton a lawsuit against Amazon, suspending the activity of about 30 operators on the platform. Refunds involve 218 online sellers, some of whom run multiple e-commerce channels, selling products deemed counterfeit. Damage was calculated at $ 100,000 for each portal plus an additional $ 10 to $ 60,000 reimbursement imposed on 71 dealers who named “the Sunshine” in their sites the name or initials of the Louis Vuitton brand.


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