The case of Jesus Sneakers: provocation or (just) marketing?

Il caso Jesus Sneaker

The case of the week is, without doubt, this one. It has a name that cannot avoid arousing attention: Jesus Sneaker. Beyond any consideration of any kind, the idea of ​​making this particular sneaker has been a disruptive success. There were 24 pairs available. The sold out was immediate. And someone has come to pay them online (on the StockX portal) up to $ 3,000.

Water of the Jordan

It is pretty clear, by now, that for some people sneaker has become (almost) a religion. But few, very few, could have imagined a model with 60cc of water from the Jordan River inserted in the cushioned air chamber. Water, among other things, made light blue with the addition of dyes. But not only that: the model has a crucifix on strings and, near the tip, a quotation from the Gospel is printed: “MT 14:25” which recalls the passage of the Bible in which Jesus walks on water. And to make things worse: there is a red drop on the tongue to symbolise the blood of Christ, insoles are scented with incense and red to recall the colour of papal shoes.

A provocation

“We wanted to show how absurd the fashion of collaborations in the fashion world has become”. This are the words by Daniel Greenberg, commercial director of MSCHF agency in Brooklyn, who had the idea of ​​customising the Nike Air Max 97 and selling them with the slogan “Walk on water”. After being given to some youtubers and influencers, the sneakers were sold on StockX. The success was immediate and, as always in these cases, obsessive. MSCHF, to meet demand, ensures that more will be produced, and the second and fourth Tuesday of each month will come out at 11am. Nike has announced that it is not involved in the project.

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