Autumn/Winter 17/18 at Lineapelle: “Looking at materials from a contemporary perspective” explains Antonella Bertagnin (Lineapelle Fashion Committee)

From sporty with vintage interpretations to the opulence of the eccentric and ultra-decorated. From soft and opaque in pastel colours to the strong shades of pop. The trends identified in this edition of Lineapelle, presented in the varied selection on show in the 3 Trend Areas (pavilions 13-15, 9 and 22) stand out and blend together, united by a modern look with an emphasis on sensoriality. “We tried to look at materials from a contemporary viewpoint – explains Antonella Bertagnin (Lineapelle Fashion Committee) –. The fact that we are perpetually connected somehow amplifies the senses.” Hence the title of the general mood of the trends for winter 2017/18: New Sensorium, a perspective that reinterprets basic materials through an advanced perception. Leather, fabrics and materials speak to the new generation “highlighting tactile and sensorial experiences.” To help visitors find their bearings, 4 macro thematic areas have been chosen:

Human Nature, which looks to the casual and vintage world, but in a sophisticated way (felts for fabrics, plant effects for leather, uneven dyes, obvious grains, woollier sheepskin for leathers);

Vagueness, area of blurred boundaries and misty processes in pastel colours, grey and black (opaque gloss for leathers, detachables, coatings in the form of paints with clouding or pearls underneath; napping, tweed, fog effects for fabrics);

Singularity, the strongest, most eccentric theme, that of opulence, of clashing pairings of seemingly irreconcilable things (velvets, brocades, damasks, glitter, lurex, embroideries, prints and patterns in fabrics; also found on leather, suede, foil, reprocessed laminates, iridescent paints).

Pow! Wow!, pop triumphs, working in colour blocks to restore vitality to the great basics, through colourful and vibrant touches (in the materials, modern finishes related to digital, doubling, quilting or 3D prints made thicker with techno designs).

Colours? Presented by range, but continuously mixed: from greys/blacks to pastel colours, to oranges with a brown flame and suede, to the classic dark basics (burgundy, charcoal grey, green, blue) which, however, also connect to stronger colours like highlights.


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