Uber Air, a flying cab with leather interiors, is ready to take off soon

Uber are ready to take off: planes will have leather interiors. Last week on Tuesday, during a conference held at the Uber Elevate Summit, an annual event fully dedicated to the future of flying vehicles, on its third edition, the company, headquartered in San Francisco, announced the forthcoming launch of a new taxi service: namely, flying cabs. Starting from 2023 – according to plans – customers will possibly fly aboard “Uber Air” special planes, built up by the company. Allegedly, according to early rumours that came up yesterday during the conference held in Washington, such flying cabs will be embellished with four comfortable leather seats; passengers will also find leather cup holders. In addition, interiors will have interactive screens, chargers and glove compartments. According to a development strategy, set by Uber, the company will first implement, supposedly, an experimental project based in Melbourne, Australia, where they are due to start some tests and trials from 2020. Afterwards, starting from 2023, their service will officially kick off by flying first from Dallas to Los Angeles (and return), in the United States; subsequently, it is going to expand towards other destinations. They are due to put into action a similar service in Dubai as well: expected implementation times are the same. Duration of flight is likely to be quite short, about twenty minutes presumably: in fact, aircrafts will fly rather fast. As regards prices, each route will probably cost less than a journey by helicopter.

Pictures from Uber.com  



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