Hong Kong: APLF Closes Positively. Uncertainty Remains Widespread

APLF Leather & Materials + closed last Friday offering to the market a sense of “positivity that does not deceive anyone,” says an Italian tanner present at the fair. Giuseppe Volpi, of eponymous Tuscan tanning group, also shared these feelings.” The turnout was impressive as impressive was the customer interest as well as the contacts that we have confirmed.” A robust and reassuring stability that from another point of view highlights how “the business risks getting to be very volatile, uncertain, subjected to various types of pressure,” as stated by another exhibitor. The pressure on prices, for example, in recent months has complicated the economic situation of the tanneries, as well as on finished products on which it is not possible to intervene because “customers are willing to pay, but do not accept list revisions.” declared Volpi. A firmness that, as is evident from entries collected between the stand and APLF corridors, has climbed the chain: the raw material sellers have proposed further increases, which were not accepted. Gabriella Marchioni Bocca, president and owner of Assomac Lamebo, exhibitor of the technological side of the event. “This fair was a bit peculiar. There has been international interest” for Italian technology destined to the leather and “the segment of customers has improved. However, there was a non-linear turnout, which rewarded some and not others.” The next edition of the APLF, in 2018 anticipates two weeks will be held March 14 to 16.



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