Lineapelle92 – 2017 started with optimism

“2017 starts off on the right foot. The shoe sector, which witnessed a period of suffering in recent times, seems in recovery. Luxury brand in general too. However, I don’t expect a return to pre-crisis levels yet. As per Lineapelle, we have certainly seen more interest” said Alessandro Iliprandi, of the Bonaudo Tannery at the end of Lineapelle92 event in Rho, Milan. The fair organisers also confirmed this feeling, reiterating how this latest edition has strengthened its “solidity and leadership” by providing “the global leather market the opportunity to discuss the evolution of a complex economic sector, finding inspiring and concrete ideas on which to build and develop their future”. There were over 21,800 visitors (+ 3% compared to September 2016; up 1% compared to that of February 2016. 55% were Italians while the rest of the 45% came from 79 nations).  There was a significant increase in the presence of Germany, China and Russia. The general outcome of Lineapelle92 is one “of high positivity, which arises from the manner in which exhibitors handled the negotiations with a growing clientele and, in particular, with attention focused on the quality of their products”. Luigi De Vita, commercial director of Solofra tannery, Deviconcia echoed this positive feeling: “Our contacts showed a genuine interest: in addition to cutouts, they already asked for samples and development. I’d say that the downturn period has passed. “Mirko Cara, from the Kara Group, was, even more, enthusiast: “It was a great show. I do not know if we were good, or lucky, but our whole collection was a hit”.


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