Lineapelle at Pitti Filati: good first take. New contacts, curiosity and sustainability

As the saying goes in the film industry, “good first take”. Lineapelle’s debut at Pitti Filati, a “concept lab” concluded on June 29 at Fortezza da Basso, in Florence, neatly highlights a positive trend, with regard to curiosity and interest aroused by the event, and, as well, for the valuable and rewarding contacts that took place at “TODAY IS TOMORROW, an anteprima by Lineapelle”. Visitors paid attention to new style suggestions, about winter 2019/20 trends, and technical tips about the product (on day one and two); on top of that, they also looked closely at new collections presented by tanneries and manufacturers of accessories and synthetics. During the event they focused on sustainability as well, which was the topical issue of a seminar. Here buyers, who took part in the fair (many of whom experienced Lineapelle and the leather world for the very first time, as they mostly came from knitwear and apparel), had a chance to discover Italian tanneries’ global top quality.


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