Lineapelle London, everything is ready for tomorrow’s One-Day event

Domani si svolge Lineapelle London

Lineapelle is back in London. The July edition of the awaited-for British event takes place tomorrow at the usual location: Ham Yard Hotel. A location where design can exist, along with creative open-mindedness and stylistic mash-ups that are always present at London’ fashion system. An ideal location, an informal atmosphere and the launch of Winter 20/21’s samples of a selected number of exhibitors.

 Lineapelle London’s profile

“London remains and will remain a fundamental landmark for Lineapelle’s exhibiting process. It absorbs and gives back (with force) a wide variety of creative suggestions that is hard to find in other cities and locations”. This is how Fulvia Bacchi (CEO of Lineapelle), at the end of last year’s edition on January 23rd, commented the strategic importance of London’s event. A relevance that is furthered confirmed by the fair starting tomorrow. 40 exhibitors present: 32 Italian ones and 8 foreign; 26 tanneries, 8 manufacturers of synthetic/textile; 6 accessories’ producers.

Lineapelle London’s style

First of all, two stylistic seminars curated by Lineapelle’s Comitato Moda (Fashion Committee). One in the morning and one in the afternoon. They will present evolution trends for the Winter 20/21 season. Key Concept: EQ – Emotion Quotient. Abstract: “Our emotion quotient is the measurement unit for the digital revolution. Moreover, the expression of the latter happens with no filters and so quickly that rationality becomes pure instincts. The fil rouge for the new season is the dialog between perfect and imperfect, as well as the interference/co-existence between natural and technological”.

Lineapelle London’s Events

Lineapelle London plays with the reference color for the Winter 20/21 season: red, and launched an engagement initiative that will take place during the event and which will be repeated at Lineapelle New York (planned for July 17th and 18th). The initiative is called Lineapelle is on Everyone’s Lips and allows visitors to interact with make-up artists, in addition to receiving a gadget consisting of a Lineapelle-branded red lipstick. Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale will also be given room to present. At noon, in fact, the consortium will offer a seminar curated by Diane Ellen Becker (creative director of the Craft with leather project). The title: Inherent Vice & the Virtuous Cluster: the case of Tuscan Veg Tan Leather”.







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