Lineapelle 98 open its doors to the present and the future of leather industry

Lineapelle 98 apre le porte al presente e al futuro della filiera

The day after tomorrow, on Wednesday 19th February, Lineapelle 98 will open its doors to the present and the future of luxury and fashion industry. The whole leather industry is going to meet up to share business tips and style trends and, besides that, to look ahead, strategically, beyond the present days. Players will be on the lookout for realistic prompts about the next future, while striving to take advantage of a huge number of opportunities.

The most global event for the leather industry

“Lineapelle 98 – pointed out the Milan’s exhibition organizers – is going to welcome and host 1,200 exhibitors”. They represent “tanners and manufacturers of accessories, components, fabrics and synthetics serving the whole manufacturing industry of luxury, fashion, design, automotive and home furnishings. They come from over 40 countries: they provide the widest, most complete and across-the-board product supply available on the market. Thanks to such supply, exhibitors successfully fulfil all buyers’ needs for creativity and manufacturing”. On top of that, “products soundly rely on the highest standards, in terms of quality and performance, sustainability and utility”.

A “simple” and sustainable style

Lineapelle “is a creative work site that looks ahead at the style trends of the next future and showcases over 2,000 samples, presented by its exhibitors inside three thematic Trend Areas”, located at pavilions 13, 9 and 22. On the current edition, they will not only outline, as usual, the fashion benefit, but will also head to clear, sustainable outlooks. In fact, a specific logo will trace samples from tanneries that achieved the Certification of Sustainability, issued by ICEC. That will subsequently foster buyers and creative designers’ searching. Besides that, it will convey the following concept: at Lineapelle, sustainability is not only a regular asset, but also a fashion tool. They will spotlight summer 2021. Lineapelle Fashion Committee analysed it while focusing on the concept of The Era of Simplifying. In other words, “to simplify, therefore getting rid of redundancy and complications” and, at the same time, “to be on the lookout for harmony with the environment”.

Events and contests

The agenda of Lineapelle 98th edition is full of events, contests and seminars. As usual, La Conceria will provide a fully detailed report about them: we are going to present all the events, day by day, on our traditional special newsletter. There are lots of them. To begin with, the Questione di Pelle exhibition at Spazio Lineapelle (Lineapelle Space), at Palazzo Gorani (scheduled on February 19-29). Some contests will take place at the fair: Amici per la Pelle and Lineapelle Award (in collaboration with Korean Hongik University), which is linked to the presentation of all competing prototypes and K Leather Creativity seminar. The winners of the contest, arranged by Lineapelle in partnership with Tokyo Leather Fair, will participate in the fair; furthermore, they will display the prototype models made by participants who joined the Craft the Leather project. In addition, visitors will enjoy a rather peculiar exhibition: we are talking about a portrait, which dates back to the 17th century, whose name is “Ritratto di comandante con baffi e moschetta” (picturing a commander with a moustache and a rifle). They could restore it with the financial support provided by Conceria DMD Solofra. Next to the portrait, they will exhibit a costume, entirely made of leather, which reminds of the breastplate worn by the soldier portrayed in the painting. Ultimately, students from Polimoda Firenze are going to present the winning projects that took part in the Lineapelle Merchandising Collection contest.


UNIC – Italian Tanneries will arrange, at Lineapelle, the following seminar: Leather Supply Chain Commitment to Sustainability: Traceability and Animal Welfare. It will take place on Wednesday 19th February, at 2.30 pm (venue: the LEM conference hall, located at Ponte dei Mari). The aim is to focus on “a topical issue of the leather tanning industry – reported UNIC –. Sustainability has progressively become an element embedded in the leather sector. Such concept applies to the whole leather industry now. Starting from supply, which must rely, now more than ever, on provisions traceability. Not to mention compliance with regulations, standards and best practice with regard to animal welfare”.

Fair synergies

While gearing up for Lineapelle 98th edition, the fair system, composed of fashion, accessories, materials and components, will remarkably run, in Milan, according to a number of synergies. In fact, from tomorrow (16th February) until Monday 24th the Lombard city will be hosting a considerable number of events and exhibitions. Simac Tanning Tech, the fair for tanning, footwear and leather goods technology, will kick off simultaneously with Lineapelle. On Wednesday 19 February, which is Lineapelle opening day, Micam (footwear) and Mipel (leather goods), on the agenda at Fieramilano Rho on February 16-19, will be closing their stands. Furthermore, Milano Moda Donna fashion shows will be running on February 18-24. Finally, three more events are on the agenda on February 20-23: Super (prêt-à-porter and women’s accessories), White (women’s wear) and The One (high-end women’s prêt-à-porter).

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