Lineapelle London keeps up: trends workshop and high-end contacts. Next step: New York

Yesterday, at Ham Yard Hotel, all expected customers showed up. A few top clients, who first registered to participate in the event, joined the exhibition as well. Renowned British brands, along with some others coming from the global fashion system, and many smart companies representing the British style and artisan quality, turned up. All of them took part in Lineapelle London to find out the work in progress carried out by a number of selected exhibitors (49 in total, amongst tanneries, accessories, components and alternative materials): looking at summer 2019 trends, which will be definitely spotlighted at Lineapelle94, scheduled in Milan on February 20-22. The smart and quick pace of London’s event proves to be effective: one-day fair, from dawn to dusk, held in a very trendy location that enables visitors and exhibitors to share creativity tips and business encounters much more easily and informally, compared to any other exhibiting event. Curiosity about innovative solutions for leather goods, most of all, and footwear, was remarkable. Likewise, clients paid noteworthy attention to potential business deals focused on small provisions: aiming to create spot collections, based on high value added quality and exclusiveness. The spotlight was, once again, on athleisure and its prospective development. London’s fair event is over (next rendezvous at Ham Yard Hotel on July 10), but Lineapelle’s international previews continue across the Atlantic, as Lineapelle New York is coming up. See you in Manhattan then, and save the date: Wed 31st January and Thu 1st February.


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