SICIT opens a Newco to break into China’s marketplace

SICIT opens a Newco to break into China’s marketplace

A Newco to break into China’s marketplace. That’s what SICIT, company based in Chiampo, plans on doing. The company focuses on the production of bio-stimulants for the agriculture segment and gesso, all recuperated from the tanning process. The business already has an important agreement with a local entity, and the collaboration’s development is moving fast.

A Newco to break into China’s marketplace

SICIT’s management participated, in the last few days, in an update meeting with another important representative of the political and economic environment of China.

Among others, were also Jin Xiangjun, vice-mayor of Tianjin, Zeng Yan, Tianjin International Trade & Shipping Service Center’s director, and Song Honghai, president of Tianjin Weijie Pharmaceutical. The latter is the potential partner of the Vicenza-based company in this new Chinese venture.

“The project contemplates the creation of a newco, and the new partner will have minority ownership, and will support the commercial expansion of the company in the country and the Asia-Pacific region”, say representatives of the Chiampo-based company. Moreover, SICIT expects to build its first foreign manufacturing site in Tianjin (South-East of Beijing), in the local Free Trade Zone.

The plant will finish the creation process for animal-origin protein hydrolysis, imported from Italy in concentrated form.  The outcome will be range of bio-stimulants and retardants for gesso, to be sold on Asian markets.

The comment

“Tianjin is an important focus-area for deepening the economic and commercial cooperation between China and Italy – explains Jin Xiangjun -. The municipal government created an industrial park for small-and-medium Italian businesses within the free-trade zone of the Tianjin port. This will promote cooperation between China and Italy, with regards to industrial development, international commerce, technological innovation and that of other fields.

We are happy that the SICIT project is a part of our industrial park and we expect SICIT’s bio-stimulants will help accelerate, even in Asia, the transition towards a totally green and sustainable agriculture practice. On our end, we will make any effort to put SICIT China in the best conditions so that it may operate efficiently and with efficacy”.

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