Lineapelle: record number of exhibitors for next September. And the event will take place in more than two months…

The fate of a fair like Lineapelle, undisputed leader of the international leather industry, is continuing to repeat itself and, above all, overcome. This time, however, the record hit by the Milan event is perhaps more significant than many others, because not only reaffirms its importance, but, mostly, it demonstrates the power of attraction towards his target market. More than two months to the three days of 20, 21 and 22 September in the areas of Rho and the number of registrations has broken through the number of 1200. Compared to 1,172 exhibitors in September 2015, the secretariat of Lineapelle has already collected the registrations of 1,214 exhibitors (from 45 countries) which have taken over with enthusiasm and satisfaction the decision taken last 20 April: to leave the much anticipated date at the beginning of September, moving it forward of two weeks. “We decided it to better respond to market needs” was the explanation of Lineapelle, confirmed during the Annual Assembly last Tuesday by President UNIC Gianni Russo. The 3.6% increase of exhibitors, a provisional percentage (more than two months to the opening of the stands where tanneries, accessories and components manufacturers, fabrics, synthetics and designers will present collections for winter 2017-18), confirms and strengthens the validity of the decision, to which some other important organizational changes are added. Among the most significant, the new size of the trend areas, coming out of the two overhead LEM and physically closer to the work of exhibitors and visitors. And not two, but three spaces will show samples and highlight of materials, accessories and components, all located inside the halls: a main area in 13-15, one in 9-11 and one in 22-24. Great attention to a more rational and detailed signage. All this, to provide a more modern and efficient service to the market.


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