#Lineapelle93 (October 4-6), instructions: from A to T (App to Trend Book), from design to sustainability

In just a few hours, on Wednesday October 6th, the 93rd edition of Lineapelle, which is dedicated to Winter 2018/2019, will open its doors in Milan. Here are the instructions to make the best out of one’s visit.
fafafafa Location: Fieramilano Rho, Pavillions number: 9, 11, 13, 15, 22, 24. East, West, and South gates.
Schedule: Wednesday & Thursday: opening at 9am, closing at 6:30pm. Friday October 6th, last day for the fair, doors will open at 9am, but closing time is anticipated to 5:30pm.
How to get there: shuttle buses are available, for free, from Milan’s Central Station, and from the airports of Linate and Malpensa. The schedules can be found by clicking here. Parking lots will be available to visitors arriving by car, going from P1, which also has ‘Telepass’, to P5; as well as garages with multiple floors (PM1 and PM2, near the West gate), for a total of 10,000 parking spots.
Trend Areas : there are 3, one close to pavilion 13’s entrance; one inside pavilion 9, isle U; and another in pavilion 22, isle T. Attention: in all three area visitors are absolutely prohibited from taking videos and pictures, even on their smartphones.
Fashion Conferences: they are 4. Two of them in Italian, and two in English. The Italian ones will be presented at 2:30pm, on Wednesday (October 4th), and Thursday (October 5th), while the ones in English will be at 4:00pm on the same days. All presentations require payment. The location of these presentations will be the Fashion Video Area of Lineapelle93 at the end of pavilion 15.
Trend Book: available in full &/or pocket version, it is for sale by the Area Trend (near the Fashion Video Area) inside pavilion 13, or it can be bought online by clicking here.
The APP: can be downloaded here for Android, and here for Apple. It contains the catalogue, interactive map, information regarding times and schedules, transportations, events and one may also load the e-ticket received if pre-accredited.
Events: (all free entry): the topic for October 4th (Wednesday): how architectural lingo can become a hybrid, with that of fashion, with the help of new and innovative digital elements. The event will be in English, and it will be presented by Stefano Paiocchi, Lead Architect Zaha Hadid Architects, in a workshop titled: “Code-Structed Skin: Architecture, Fashion and Digital Craft”. Time: 10:30am. Location: Fashion Video Area (Pav. 15). In the same location UNIC-LINEAPELLE in partnership with ACCADEMIA COSTUME & MODA e GUCCI will present: “Explorating Italian Leather Sustainability”. Time 12.00 pm.
On Thursday (October 5th), the main topic will be the sustainability of Italian tanneries. UNIC, together with a ZDHC Foundation, will present (in depth), the results from its latest Sustainability Report, in the event titled “A New Approach to Leather Sustainability Moving Forward the Supply Chain”. Time: 11:00am. Location: Fashion Video Area.
In addition to the previous event, on Thursday, APICCAPS will present (in English), “The 20th International Technical Footwear Congress – UITIC”, scheduled for May 2018, in Porto, Portugal. Time: 2:30pm. Location: Sala Epsilon (end of Pav.13).
And last, on Friday (October 6th), in the Fashion Video Area, UNIC, ICEC, and Studio Lawtelier, will hold a seminar on the legal aspects of the samples of products’ suppliers. The seminar will be in Italian. Location: Fashion Video Area.  Time: 11:00am
Last note: Wi-Fi is, of course, free and accessible over the entirety of the Lineapelle93 space.



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