Exports of Brazilian meat grows as Minerva put on forced leave its employees

In the first quarter of 2017, exports of Brazilian beef increased by 9.3%. In March, when the scandal of the “Fraca meat” (the corruption case of the farming Brazilia) broke, the chain kept the business alive with a significant 9% revenue ($ 1.11 billion). These figures were backed by data from the Department of Statistics for the export of the Brazilian Government. Data highlighted how the scandal affected the business in the first week following its explosion when key markets such as China and the EU have suspended the import of Brazilian products. However, while pork and poultry meat drove the positive trend in March, the performance of red meat has significantly decreased. Even Minerva Foods were feeling the pinch of Fraca meat. The news of employees of an establishment in Mato Grosso forced to take holidays, was explained by the need for site maintenance. Observers say the reason should be found in Brazilian agro-industry trials, which must figure out how you boost domestic and foreign consumption. Even the giant JBS, to cope with the same production uncertainties, has closed for three days 33 of its factories in Rio; then it has reduced the production capacity to 65% and, finally, has granted holidays for 20 days to its employees.


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